Headers, footers, and tabs

Subject: Headers, footers, and tabs
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 08:30:22 CST

For those expecting my e-mail on AbiWord's handling of
right-justified tabs placed at the right margin, this is
not it. That is still to come. These are some general
thoughts on the implementation of tab handling in the
new header and footer section.

(1) Currently, the a header or footer "inherits" the tab
settings that are in effect when it is inserted. This
is rarely the desired behavior. When a header or footer
is inserted, it should default to having two tab stops:
a center-justified one centered on the page and a right-
justified one at the right margin. This simplifies the
creation of three part headers and footers. The user
can still specify whether the default text (such as a
page number field) should be centered, left justified,
or right justified).

(2) AbiWord 0.7.13 allows page numbers to be inserted
multiple times on the same page. If you insert a page
number once centered and once left aligned, you will see
both. Instead, it should redefine the page number
format. On the nightly build, inserting multiple page
numbers crashes AbiWord. It should probably either be
disallowed (requiring the user to make manual changes)
or redefine the current header/footer, including any
changes the user has entered manually.

Rob Campbell

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