Header-footer editing problems

Subject: Header-footer editing problems
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 08:04:24 CST

I downloaded the nightly build in order to try out the
new header & footer editing capabilities. I have
encountered a few problems so far:

(1) When I insert a page number in the header, it
appears at the very top of the page. There is no margin.

(2) After inserting a page number in either the header
or footer, the cursor is placed in the main body of the
document. Clicking in the header/footer (as if to edit
it) and then clicking in the main body crashes AbiWord.
Dr. Wastson reports: "Exception: access violation
(0xc0000005), Address: 0x00455007". A large (11.5 MB)
dump file is created, which I can try to send if anyone
is interested. On a positive note, the basic editing
features do work, until you move back to the main body.

(3) This next item is related to a Tab bug, which I will
elaborate on in a later e-mail. For now, I'll just say
that AbiWord does not handle right-aligned tabs at the
right hand edge of the document properly. In the case
of a footer, it will lock up AbiWord.

After styles, header & footer editing is the feature I
most look forward to. I hope that this feedback is
helpful. And thanks for all the work so far.

Rob Campbell

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