Re: comparison -- locales with ispell dictionaries

Subject: Re: comparison -- locales with ispell dictionaries
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 02:27:27 CST

WJCarpenter wrote:
> Something I have been curious about ever since I wandered into the
> ispell code in AbiWord is... how's come ispell is compiled into the
> application instead of being run as a separate process?

Communicating using RPC, CORBA, raw TCP, memory mapped files + mutextes,
pipes or...?
Remember that AbiWord isn't *nix only.

> It also probably makes it architecturally simpler to do things like
> run spell checking for multiple locales in a document simultaneously.

True, it would be easier to _spawn_ such a spell-checking frenzy, but then
you'd have to gather the results somehow. But if you know about a
magic-IPC-bullet that is easy to use, cross-platform and takes about the
same time to start on each and every platform (incl. possible handhelds that
probably have no idea about stdin/out), please don't let my humble realism
get in your way. :-)


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