FAQ -- iconv encodings (was Re: POW -- which locales Just Work?)

Subject: FAQ -- iconv encodings (was Re: POW -- which locales Just Work?)
From: Paul Rohr (paul@abisource.com)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 12:34:44 CST

At 08:33 PM 3/1/01 +0400, Vlad Harchev wrote:
>On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Sam TH wrote:
>> Yes. Expat supports only four encodings: UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859-1,
>> and US-ASCII. We have to save in one of these. Right now we do
>> 8859-1. I really think it would be benificial to do UTF-8, so that
>> things just work for more character encodings.
> Yes, but expat has an interface to "teach" it any 8bit encoding. I've
added a
>special support for importing xml in ARBITRARY single-byte encoding (i.e. not
>mutlibyte encoding) when using expat - that functionality was present in 1st
>version of my 18n patch, and was successfully integrated in AW. So, importing
>xmls in native russian encodings works fine with AW compiled with expat too.
>Same for any other 8bit encodings. See
>Of course, chars that can't be represented by a character in native encoding
>are exported as &#HHHH; - so nothing is lost.
> So, nothing to worry, nothing to change/fix.

Snazzy! Thanks, Vlad!


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