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From: Sam TH (sam@uchicago.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 11:05:58 CST

I intend to do a number of these things. I'll let everyone know when
I do.
        sam th
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Subject: Please remove expat/lib/expat.h
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Please remove expat/lib/expat.h from CVS - it's generated by
expat/configure. Besides, it's a system-specific file that is different on
different systems.

Also please consider listing all the top-level directories on CVS in
CVSROOT/modules and adding aliases for some collections of those
directories, to make it easier to understand what to check out initially.
For example:

abi abi
abidistfiles abidistfiles
expat expat
psiconv psiconv
unixfonts unixfonts
wv wv
abi-unix -a abi abidistfiles expat psiconv unixfonts wv
abi-windows abi abidistfiles expat psiconv wv

and so on. The GNOME project extensively uses CVSROOT/modules on its CVS

Pavel Roskin

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