Re: patch -- Bidi support under Windows

Subject: Re: patch -- Bidi support under Windows
From: Tom Briggs (
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 07:48:55 CST

   Hi Michael,

   I couldn't get this patch to apply. Was it made against the latest


On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Michael D. Pritchett wrote:

> Here is the patch requested.
> I have modified Win32 files for the paragraph dialog and the options dialog.
> I tried to follow the spirit of the original code and how Bidi was
> implimented for the Unix dialogs. The Window resources are built with Bidi
> controls, but hidden at runtime, unless ABI_OPT_BIDI_ENABLED.
> The MSVC compiler complained about fp_Line.cpp as reinitialization of
> variable i in the for-loops. I had to modify this file to only initialize i
> once (I placed the initialization at the beginning of all the for-loops).
> I have tested the Window's build. Without the ABI_OPT_BIDI_ENABLED, it
> works as previously advertised. With ABI_OPT_BIDI_ENABLED, it builds and I
> get additional controls on the two dialogs above, additional toolbar items
> and the ability to type backwards.
> Cheers!
> Michael D. Pritchett

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