Re: Commit: more localization stuff

Subject: Re: Commit: more localization stuff
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 08:44:13 CDT

According to Dom Lachowicz <>:
> Quoting Martin Sevior <>:
> > Dom, I think that Abi will only work with these hash files. ie. With the
> > parameters,
> >
> > ie
> >
> > little endian ispell 3.1 hash file, 8-bit, capitalization, 52 flags and
> > 128 string characters
> That's sort-of correct. If we could find some big-endian hashfiles, they should
> work too. Perhaps the RH alpha ones will work on Linux PPC so Hub could test
> them. The hash files need to be 8-bit, 52 flags, 128 string characters. But
> fortunately, these are the most common settings and what most Linux
> distributions ship with, so that means that they're easy to find. These should
> also work on Windows and QNX.

The problem is that Debian provides 100 string hash files. I find idiot to
provide ispell hash files if there are already with the system (think
packager side). So it may be smarter to also handle 100 string hashes. I
don't know if it is doable and to which extent.

> > I suggest we create a new module in CVS, called:
> >
> > abiIspellHashes
> I don't like the name, but I think that it's a good decision. Perhaps 'abi-
> dictionaries' or something like that would be better. What I see is:
> abi-dictionaries/le/
> abi-dictionaries/be/

abispell is shorter IMHO.

> > As far distributing them, I'll make one rpm per language which does
> > nothing but install the appropriate hash into the AbiSuite/dictionary
> > directory.
> This would be super-convenient for our users, but a packaging and shipping
> nightmare for an OSS project. I'd rather just ship Abi without a dictionary or
> with only an english one *and* post links to the ispell files and copious
> instructions on how to install them.

That is up to the packager in fact. AbiWord for debian comes within Debian
unstable. AbiWord for Ximian comes with red-carpet, etc.
I suggest that AbiWord comes with a separate dicts packages that have

Just my .02 EURO


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