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Subject: Re: Ispell hashes
From: Ramón Flores d'as Seixas (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 10:38:29 CDT

Martin Sevior said:

> Right now Abi's ispell only works with 7 bit hash tables I think. Is there
> someone with enough courage to get 8 bit hash support in place? This is
> needed for non-latin-1 languages.

As you say it is necessary to work with 8 bits to use the majority of the
ispell dictionaries. But I think that nowadays abiword works with 8 bit hash
tables. I have installed three different abiword versions in my computer and
the three works with the same configuration: 8bit/26flags/100characters. At
least if I run the command:

        file american.hash

the output is:

        american.hash: little endian ispell 3.1 hash file, 8-bit, capitalization,
        26 flags and 100 string characters

The oldest version that runs on my computer is a 0.7.14 linux version, the other
two are newer (nightly builds), one for linux and the other for Windows.

Nevertheless I think that the better option would be to use 8 bits, 52 flags
and 128 string characters. Why?. Because there are some dictionaries that
needs this configuration, and it is possible to build any dictionary with it.
In fact I think that the majority of the current linux distributions supply
binary ispell versions compiled with this configuration, at least RedHat and

Anyway I think that it is necessary to make clear and public what hash
configuration is going to be used. So anybody can build a correct dictionary.
I would like to send a galician dictionary that I have made. To build it
using the current configuration (8bit/26flags/100characters) I need to make
some not minor changes to it, because it uses more that 26 flags. I also need
to compile ispell myself, as the binary versions that I can get make
dictionaries with 8bits/52flags/128characters. I wonder if there are a lot of
distributions that supply binary ispell versions compiled with

For more information see:
and the following thread


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