Re: UCS-2 vs. UCS-4

Subject: Re: UCS-2 vs. UCS-4
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Sat Jun 23 2001 - 19:23:50 CDT

On Sat, 23 Jun 2001, Mike Nordell wrote:

> Andrew Dunbar wrote:
> >
> > Another thing to keep in mind is whether some iconvs might not
> > have support for UCS-2 or UTF-32. But we can always roll our own.
> I just came to think of some other possible obstacles: output.
> Win32 can only handle up to 16-bit Unicode as output (on the API level), I
> don't know if it handles tagged/shifted output >= 2^16. What about the other
> supported platforms (X, Photon, BeOS, ...)?
> Do TrueType allow chars >= 2^16? Type1?
> Stuff like that. Perhaps it wasn't a too bright idea I got after all. :-)

Actually this will be really easy for Unix. Post 1.0 we should port to GTK
2.0. GTK 2.0 handles all text in UTF-8. So all we need is a UCS-4 to UTF-8
translator. Should be no problem :-)

GTK 2.0 has lots of other good features that should enable us to dispense
with the massive overhead of remapGlyph(), at least for Unix. That should
speed us up enormously.



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