Re: Bug Fixing, Inc.

Subject: Re: Bug Fixing, Inc.
From: Thomas Fletcher (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 07:24:31 CDT

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Jesper Skov wrote:

[The desire for a "pay for feature" system snipped]

> If you are wondering why I've been looking for this, it's simply
> because it was a neat idea for improving the pace of AbiWord
> development while allowing active developers to earn a bit of money on
> the side. I don't imagine anyone could get rich, or even live, of this
> just yet :)

Of course that begs the question of what happens when someone
ponies up cash for a tables implementation (just as an example
of the _first_ thing I could see people actually paying for),
what happens then. That kind of work, while perhaps a one
man job for implementation, is something that requires some
discussion to make sure all the possible futures are covered.

Thomas (toe-mah) Fletcher QNX Software Systems Neutrino Development Group

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