Re: RemapGlyph()

Subject: Re: RemapGlyph()
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 00:38:49 CDT

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Andrew Dunbar wrote:

> bill-abisource@carpenter.ORG wrote:
> >
> > wjc> So, in summary, I think the root cause of bug 1518 is in whatever
> > wjc> thing created the sample document attached to the bug, or
> > wjc> possibly the importer code is not doing the right thing.
> >
> > Just a thought ... are those Vietnamese characters with diacritical
> > marks Unicode characters with values greater than U+ffff? If so, this
> > thread now converges with the recent UCS-2 discussions. Or perhaps
> > they are done with the Unicode "combining diacritical marks"
> > mechanism, which I doubt AbiWord can handle at render time.
> They're in the U+0300 to U+0345 range. Yep the combining
> diacriticals. Abi does have problems. Static rendering is okay
> but editing, selecting blocks, etc is not good. The same
> problems exist with "complex" scripts like Sanskrit, Thai, and
> Arabic/Farsi to a lesser extent.
> This should all go on the post 1.0 list I think...

Andrew, are you familiar with the PANGO library?

We've put off difficult things like this with the hope we solve them with
Pango. Pango will be distributed along with GTK 2.0. The release date of
GTK 2.0 is expected to be close too when we finish 1.0 (unless we try to
add tons more features to 1.0).



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