Re: Response to Bad Review [was Re: Fwd: not worth downloading]

Subject: Re: Response to Bad Review [was Re: Fwd: not worth downloading]
From: Alan (
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 22:21:38 CDT

Martin Sevior wrote:

On reflection I should have said most people, not some people.

> > I think it is quite reasonable for a very large number of people not
> > to care about these things and in fact to have never given them much
> > thought at all. In fact, for the commonly-stated target user of
> > AbiWord, this is even more true. Most users use one computer in one
> > place in one locale, and they want apps that do various things in easy
> > ways.

Cant argue with that. mentioned the one locale point earlier today in
bug/rfe 1590. im the nitpicker who did the en-IE (aka en-GB)

> I agree. Just stick to the points where the reviewer was factually in
> error. Abi certainly does have automatic numbering of paragraphs for
> example.

I dont get what is meant by Paragraph numbering?

do you mean that i can create a Numbered List and type some text and
press shift+enter to get a line breaks (which is not obvious to an
ordinary user) and instead of a paragraph break, and this is effectively
numbered paragraphs.
is that what you mean? and is that probably the same as what the
reviewer meant?

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