Fwd: not worth downloading

Subject: Fwd: not worth downloading
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 15:31:00 CDT


Sometimes I go to download.com and look at AbiWord user Review.


There are many good reviews but here is a bad one:

"I have submitted many reviews, see Cacheman, Rambooster, EasyOffice (lite),
Adaware and others, and consider my reviews accurate and fair. My review of
AbiWord is by far the harshest. I tried this program because like many
people, I am looking for alternatives to MS. THE GOOD: Adaware did not detect
any "spyware" after installation. Cacheman indicates that AbiWord seems to
use only 4MB of RAM when launched. THE BAD: First of all, from the CNET
download page the AbiWord homepage is not avaialable, when downloading from
CNET the primary site was not available, had to select an alternate site.
AbiWord has no built in paragraph numbering. Although AbiWord has the ability
to Insert Images the options are for PNG and BMP (who uses BMP anymore?)
formats. AbiWord was only a 3.x someting MB download yet it installed nearly
6MB to the C: drive during installation. This is quite a large file for
nothing more than MS Notepad on half a steroid. If you are interested in an
alternative toMS Office and Star Office try searching for EasyOffice or
EasyWord on the CNET download site. There are 2 versions of EasyOffice for
download, a 27Mb and a 4Mb file. The 4Mb file is basically a wordprocessor
and contact manager (not bad really) and the 27Mb file is a full office
suite. Craig Knapp knappcek@worldnet.att.net "

Who wants to anwser at this guy and explain him that AbiWord is much much
much more than "nothing more than MS Notepad" .... (gnnnh!! It make me


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