Compiling Win32 AbiWord

Subject: Compiling Win32 AbiWord
From: Nikolaj Brandt Jensen (
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 13:29:23 CDT


I have been trying to build an up-to-date version of AbiWord for
Windows. Unfortunately with limited success.

I have installed Cygwin 1.3.2. This isnīt the version used in the
sketchy documentation on the web site, but I expect that itīs not the
root of my problem.
The source is from CVS and MS VC 6 is used to compile.

I do a "make distribution ABI_BUILD_VERSION=1.2.3" and after a while I
get an .exe.

In a standard 0.7.14 installation I use this new .exe instead of the
original one. And now the problems begin...

AbiWord starts, but craches very frequently (not randomly, only when
using specific features), including every time I try to open/import an
.abi document! I can import .doc and .rtf documents, but I can't open
Abi's native format. I think this should be nominated as a showstopper
bug :-)

The really wierd thing is that when I compile with ABI_OPT_DEBUG=1
everything seems to work.

The .map file leads me to IE_Imp_XML::_charData, but this does not
really help me. Since I am sure such a bug would have been mentioned
on this list, I assume that I am doing something wrong. Does anyone
here have a hint or two?

Also, from the web site I got the impression that MS VC was necessary
to build AbiWord, but in the makefiles, there are references that look
like it should be possible to use Cygwin with gcc exclusively. Is this
correct and perhaps an easier route to an .exe?

        - Nikolaj

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