installing AbiWord on older Slackware systems (noteably 3.6)

Subject: installing AbiWord on older Slackware systems (noteably 3.6)
From: bmidi_47 (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 19:57:31 CDT


I'm have bunches of trouble installing your static "tar.gz" version on my LINUX.
I first tried your "Slackware" .tgz version, and found that my older Slack installation
didn't have the right shared libraries. I suspected that your "static" binary should
work, but there are many things which seem to prevent it from working.

(1)... It didn't have the "dictionary" bundled with it

(2)... it has a "permissions" problem which I was not able to sort out.

(3)... It starts with the graphics screen and then briefly shows the word processor screen, and
       then dies. The only error I see seems tobe a permissions problem. Don't know what to do.

I'm not willing to upgrade my Slack install, as that is more than a pain, and all of my
other apps work. I'm not sure that others will avoid the problems I had either.

hope this helps,
Robert Batey Agilent Technologies/Boise Idaho (my work email)

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