Automake framework and peer directories

Subject: Automake framework and peer directories
From: Frodo Looijaard (
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 17:52:35 CDT

Hi folks,

it has been a while since I wrote to this list (or, actually, did anything
to AbiWord except use it); for those who forgot about me, I am the guy
who added psiconv support.

Just today I was exploring the new automake framework (nice work, Sam!).
I fixed and committed one small bug in detecting a system-wide psiconv
install (the detect script presumed psiconv.h would be available, which
strangely enough never is installed; it now looks for psiconv/data.h

Another thing that I saw was that there was no support in the global
GNUMakefile for automatically building the peer trees. Sam, did you
do that on purpose? If not, you need two changes to make this work:

* In the ac-helpers files, move the statements
  AC_SUBST statements so that LOCAL_... always get defined.
  Automake will now substitute @LOCAL_*_TRUE@ and @LOCAL_*_FALSE@ with
  either the empty string or the hash mark (#)
* In the main, add the following lines:
      @LOCAL_EXPAT_TRUE@all: expat
      @LOCAL_WV_TRUE@all: wv
      @LOCAL_PSICONV_TRUE@all: psiconv
  I am not sure how libpng is handled currently, but you could add it like

If you agree, Sam, I could commit it for you (but please explain how
LIBPNG is handled?)


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