Fwd: Re: Release Schedule

Subject: Fwd: Re: Release Schedule
From: Dom Lachowicz (dominicl@seas.upenn.edu)
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 19:15:09 CDT

FWD from Martin

 On Wed, 30 May 2001,
Dom Lachowicz wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I'd like to propose that we release a new build soon (as in "in about 2-3
> weeks"
> soon)

I propose that this release be called "0.90" furthermore I suggest we have
a one week bug hunting exercise after a new features freeze, where we do
nothing but look for and fix stupid bugs.

This "new features freeze" should occur when:

1. The styles dialog fully works on Windows and Unix.
2. The Lists dialog fully works on Widnows and Unix.
3. The Language dialog fully works on Windows on Unix.
4. The Template dialog fully works on Windows and Unix
4.a I think the Template dialog should show a preview of the document.
5. The clip-art dialog fully works on Windows and Unix.
6. The ispell build works on Windows and Unix and we have a collection of
   Language hashtables that work with our ispell.
7. Multi-lingual spell checking should "Just Work" on Windows and Unix.

Of course I expect that Thomas Fletcher will have a working QNX build with
many of these features but I think we should allow him the extra week the
rest of us spend on bug fixing to get the QNX build in order.

> There have been quite a few advancements since 0.7.14 was released, but we're
> still hitting quite a few bugs. In no particular order, we need to look at/fix
> and stress test at least the following areas:
> Outstanding issues/bugs/thinkos/new additions:
> *free/delete (delete[]) mismatches, delete vs. delete[] mismatches, etc...
> *memory leaks/allocations (esp. regarding the new hashtable)
> *the new hashtable
> *templates & clipart
> *AbiObject
> Outstanding Dialog work:
> *new/template dialog (all but unix & qnx, but unix & qnx still need
> work)

You should include a preview for this Dom. If you do a load from file the
preview will populate quickly and cleanly with little flicker.

> *styles dialog (all but unix)

We can improve the performance of AbiPreview here by doing direct
_populate() insertions of characters. Also we should steal the paragraph
preview code to get actual text from the document to put into the
"new" and "modify" previews.

> *clip-art dialog (all but gnome)
> *lists dialog (all but unix)

Joaquin will send me a patch with his modal dialog later this week. If it
looks good I propse to make this the "Bullets and Numbering" dialog and
change the current lists modeless dialog to "Lists Tool" and place it
under the "Tools" menu items.

> Outstanding misc. work:
> *Checkin tempalates and ClipArt, make sure that 'make install' installs them
> Hopeful work, but won't slow the release:
> *the BeOS port
> Outstanding items that need to be done/finished/checked in before the release:
> *Andrew Dunbar's encoding work
> *A few things re. styles
> *check that CJK support still works

Make sure this works for this release, especially after the encoing stuff
we're working on.

> BUG #'s:
> *can't get to abisource.com at the moment from my DNS. Jskov probably has a
> great list here.
> I'd really like for everyone to get into bugfixing mode if they have some time
> so that we can polish up the remaining features, fix the bugs, and get a
> wonderful release out the doors. If there's anything that I'm missing or that
> you'd really like to see go into this release, please speak up and make your
> case.

I hope to kill 99% of the remaining screen dirt. I can't reproduce the
"Cursor Disappearing" bug 1189(?). Can others check and confirm or deny it
has gone?

Please let me know how you can reproduce it.

> I won't be around much until June 3 to do much of this work, and even then I'm
> strapped for time, but you can expect me to do more than my share of the work
> :-) So, this 2 week thing is very tentative. If you're looking for some work
> do that isn't all that hard to do, just email me and I'll point you in the
> direction.
> You all have done a great job guys! You should be proud :-) I sure am.

Me Too :-)



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