Re: Are ready to go? (was Re: commit: Win32 printing)

Subject: Re: Are ready to go? (was Re: commit: Win32 printing)
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 08:49:09 CDT

Quoting Jesse Kuang <>:
> BUT, cjk font support got broken since 7/14,
> under CJK locale, abiword display following message and abort
> (XAP_UnixFont::getMetricsData)
> "The font metrics file [%s] could\n"
> "not be opened for parsing, nor
> was\n"
> "it possible to retrieve the
> needed\n"
> "information from the X server;
> this\n"
> "is a fatal error and AbiWord will\n"
> "terminate.",

Hi Jesse,

I'm sorry that CJK support was broken. But as you state, it's been broken since
0.7.14 and no one has really stepped up to:
1) Say that this was broken
2) Provide a fix for it

And no one has stepped up to do #2 either (to date). Apparently, this has been
known for a while now, and I've made several realease "warnings" since then
without anyone bringing this to my attention. While unfortunate, if "you snooze,
you loose."

So what does that mean for you/CJK? Well, unless you get a patch to me in the
next few hours, this will not go into 0.9.0. We'll try to get this wrapped up
for 0.9.1 though.


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