Are ready to go? (was Re: commit: Win32 printing)

Subject: Are ready to go? (was Re: commit: Win32 printing)
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 02:55:32 CDT

OK thanks very much Tim!

I know we don't have the styles dialog done for Windows yet and I know
Micheal is working on it and making good progress. However given how long
it took for the Linux dialog to get al the bugs ironed out I think styles
for win should wait for 0.91.

On a related note, I've made great progress on a "delete header" feature.
It almost works (just a segv on undo to fix) and in the process I
discovered we were doing something wrong in the piecetable upon importing
headers/footers. It might have something to do with Pat Lam's problems
with EndNotes too.

However I will be out of internet contact for about 3 days as I make my
way back to Japan so I don't think we should wait on this either.

My vote is to release 0.90 without further ado.

I'll keep working on my stuff for deleting headers. I'm sure Micheal will
do the same for Styles for Win. We'll get these into 0.91.

Everybody else, what do you think?



On Sun, 22 Jul 2001, Tim LaDuca wrote:

> I'm not sure what I kind of input you're looking for, but the only two
> problems I've been able to identify are fixed. I attached a scanned
> image of the corrected output so everyone can see a before and after.
> Thanks!
> Tim
> (who endeavors to do more with bugs than just write reports on them some
> day)

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