Update to FAQ in en-US help system

Subject: Update to FAQ in en-US help system
From: Tim LaDuca (tladuca@hsc.usf.edu)
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 02:10:43 CDT

Attached is a patch to the existing AbiWord FAQ in the help system. It
adds a qustion regarding Font errors on Linux and a pointer to info on
compiling Abi on Windows. It also guides suggests enterig a bug in
bugzilla if a user experiences a crash. Comments, complaints welcome.
The FAQ on the AbiWord website sorely needs to be updated from this FAQ,
who has write access there? I posted some updates to the reviews but
they never got posted. The review updates would help the site to look a
little more "fresh".


P.S. AbiWord is working fantastic on Linux AND Windows, this next
release is going to rock!

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