Re: localization formats proposal

Subject: Re: localization formats proposal
From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 22:31:01 CDT

 --- Alan <> wrote: > Andrew Dunbar
> >
> > Of course. I agree. But if we do have American
> > English dictionary installed and we do have
> British
> > English dictionary installed and we are entering
> > Australian English, Irish English, New Zealand
> > English,
> > South African English, Canadian English, Indian
> > English
> > or Jamaican English without our own dictionary we
> > would all *much* prefer to at least have some way
> of
> > deciding to use the British English dictionary in
> lieu
> > of our own. In many cases dictionaries for our
> own
> > version of English simply don't seem to exist.
> Do Canadians use standard English?

They use Canadian English but most spellings are
British. They use "colour" with a "u". They do use
"tire" instead of "tyre". This is all from memory as
I haven't been in Canada for a few years now. Any
Canadians on this list??

> Ive seen programs that have the option to install US
> English, British
> English, and Australian English (a program called
> Atlantis i think) and
> it installs exactly the same file for British and
> Australian.
> It works, but it is far less elegant than the
> proposed solution which
> "Just Works".

Ouch. We do have our own spellings. In Australian
English both optimise and optimize are considered
correct. Same for all ise/ize words but -ise is more
formal/traditional. British and American dictionaries
seem to support either one or the other but not both.
Otherwise I think we're 100% British. The bible of
Australian English is the MacQuarie dictionary,
created by the university of the same name.
MSWord seems to support true Australian English.

> I guess its hard for Americans to realise how
> jarring it is to see stuff
> spelt the American way.
> Dialog vs Dialogue
> Analog vs Analogue (i went through weeks of lectures
> before i realised
> why Analog did not look right to me)
> Program versus Programme (although i now take
> Program to be a computer
> program and Programme to be Television or an event)

Hehe yep even on this mailing list I have to be
bilingual and "dialog" - ick! I'll never write
"check" when I mean "cheque" though!

PS Alan it looks like I may be in Dublin soon, travel
plans pending. If that's where you are we'll have to
catch up.

Andrew Dunbar.


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