Specialised dictionaries [was Re: localization formats proposal]

Subject: Specialised dictionaries [was Re: localization formats proposal]
From: Alan (horkana@tcd.ie)
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 07:21:24 CDT

> Speaking of dictionaries, are there any (English preferably) subject
> specific dictionaries? One of my friends studying old english would
> kill for a spell checker, a spellchecker that actually understood
> Computer Jargon, or a medical spellchecker, or slang. Being able to add
> a particular and specific lexicon would mean i would not need to have
> such a vast custom dictionary (and i would not keep having to add terms
> like Netscape, Abiword, Gnu, Javascript and others to a huge and
> inefficient custom dictionary).

This is more about spell checkers than real dictionaries.

To partially answer my own question there is of course the Jargon
File/New Hackers Dictionary. All i need know is to find if it some one
has already packaged it for ispell or if there is an easy way to convert
it to an ispell file

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