Re: Some bugs in windows/xp

Subject: Re: Some bugs in windows/xp
From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 01:23:26 CDT

> > 3. [Win] Menubar & toolbar items are correctly
> > localized, but dialog boxes are still in english
> (with
> > a notable exception, page setup dialog box has a
> > localized item (Márgenes (pulgadas)) (maybe it's a
> > local problem?). Everything else is in english
> (and
> > yes, the translation for these messages exists).
> Joaquin -
> On the Win platform, we are reusing and extending a
> lot of the common
> dialogs. As a result, we let the OS translate those
> dialogs. If the OS is
> not set for that language but AbiWord is you will
> get this mismatch of
> languages.

Note that I've created Bug #1648 which is related to
this. I've also noticed several places in the code
where we're using vanilla MessageBox() calls with no
attempt at localization. Note also that AbiWord does
its localization based on the user's locale setting
but Windows dialogs etc only localize dialogs if you
are using a lanuguage-specific version of Windows.
This means date formats etc will be correct for the
locale but that all strings will still be in English.

All this means we need to localize *all* dialogs
ourselves in AbiWord - even the simplest ones.

Andrew Dunbar.


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