AikSaurus 0.08

Subject: AikSaurus 0.08
From: Jared Davis (
Date: Sun Jul 15 2001 - 16:02:16 CDT

Hey all,

A new version of AikSaurus (formerly AbiSaurus) is available. The name
change is only for trademark reasons, the thesaurus itself is still the same
thing and is still released under the GPL.

The new version has some cleaned up innards in the bzreader, with some more
intelligent error handling and reporting.

It also supports a new "similar words" feature, which returns known words
alphabetically near the searched-for word. For example, if the user
searches for "tempted", there are no results, but you can display a small
list of alphabetically similar words, which include:


All of which may yield synonyms that are similar to what the user wants to

The web site for the project is now:

The online interface has added similar-words results if you enter a word
that it doesn't know. It might also be useful on successful searches, but
I'm not sure how would be best to implement that...

Dom was working with me on moving the thesaurus into the Abiword cvs server,
but we ran into some problems. It'll happen sooner or later.



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