Re: please attach to bug #1707 (my apologies in advance)

Subject: Re: please attach to bug #1707 (my apologies in advance)
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Sun Jul 15 2001 - 09:44:53 CDT

Hi Alan,
        I justread your bug report for 1707. Apart from the crash this is
all expected behaviour. To see the text below the header margin, just grab
the handy little vertical margin box on th eleft ruler and drag it
down. The test is there.

I could have allowed the vertical margin to expand automatically to handle
cases like these but it would have been more work for the same result in
the end. Eventually the user has to decide how big a margin they want.

You can't select all and grab the header and footer text because this text
has no particular place the document. It is repeated on every page

If you want to select the header text, just click the header and select

Copy it or delete it as you please. If you delete it it will be deleted on
every page of course.

Very large text I guess shoukd be clipped at the page margin. However this
was hard to implement so it just disappears. If you want it, expand the
vertical margin by dragging the left ruler handle.

Please keep trying to crash AbiWord :-) Especially if you can do it
reproducibaly. This is exactly the kind of tress testing we need to
discover and dela with corner cases.



On Sun, 15 Jul 2001, Alan wrote:

> please attach the screenshot to bugzilla #1707 in bugzilla.
> I dont know why attachments wont (ever) work for me on bugzilla, the
> cookie timeout might be too short or might be related to the firewall.
> my apologies in advance

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