Re: Weird About behaviour and some Open Source rehashing

Subject: Re: Weird About behaviour and some Open Source rehashing
From: Alan (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 09:59:48 CDT

Mike Nordell wrote:
> Alan wrote:
> > The Gnu and FSF are very important. I suggest we include both.
leave the existing open source link, add a Gnu Free Software link, or
something along those lines that is not too ambiguous.

> Even that it was started by a company, and the credits to those people I
> can't express enough, it _is_ Free Software. You can't say that GPL is Open
> Source!

No, i know i cant. I didn't either.

Open Source < Free Software
> Yes, AbiWord is open source in a sense. Of course. But AbiWord is free
> software which is also much more than open source.

There you say it yourself, free software is more. being open source
does not preclude abiword from being Freesoftware.

> > How about we change the About dialog? Make it bigger, make it
> > localisable.
> Not bigger (if not needed), but surely I'd go for "localizable".

making it localisable would probably necessitate making it bigger to
allow it to fit a variety of strings.
> Actually, I think I have a GPL Win32 thingie that adds a clickable link! :-)
> I'll have to look into that.

maybe the menu items that are actually links should be colored blue?
(but that might mess with themes...)

> > open source it a methodology, its a clue-stick to beat business
> >people with.

> On my part it's a "philosophy". But it's still part of a "greater plan".

(exageratting to make my point)
> > Mocking Open Source does not help Free Software.
> I wasn't suggesting we'd mock it. I just wanted to once and for all make it
> clear that AbiWord is Free Software. Perhaps just tell that "Free Software
> enforces your freedoms, Open Source just gives you the code"?

You did not suggest we mock it, you did it yourself in your post you
condescended and sneered at it. Im going to stop arguing now, im
playing devils advocate in attempt to get this thread over and done
Submit patches and put it to a vote/decision by the powers that be.
such is the way of open ... i mean free software

> Well, yes. But then it wouldn't enforce _your_ freedoms, which is what makes
> the GPL so great, and by that it wouldn't be free (for you).

if it was public domain the code would still be free, although it would
definately hinder developement if some one forked the code and refused
to share any improvements they make.

Pinky, are you pondering what Iím pondering? 
Yes, but why does the chicken cross the road, huh, if not for love?
Sigh. I do not know.

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