Re: Printing

Subject: Re: Printing
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 06:30:37 CDT

On Sun, 1 Jul 2001, David Chart wrote:

> I finally got printing working on my Linux box, but it is behaving oddly.
> First, if I print abi/test/wp/Latin1.abw, it only prints one page, on which
> part of the second page is visible. Imagine that the page is transparent
> where there are no characters (at the end of lines and between them); those
> are the bits of the second page I can see.
> If I print a three page document, I get all three pages, but the third page
> shows through those places that are transparent on the first and second. On
> a two page document (not Latin1.abw), print preview showed bits showing
> through, but print didn't, and neither did print preview thereafter.
> Finally, after printing Latin1.abw, Abi defaults to print to file, and
> resetting that to the printer and printing results in nothing at all
> happening.

If you use our own Postscript driver (print-directly on the gnome
build) I think you'll find things work perfectly.

If it does not please tell me and I'll do more investigation.

> So, are these AbiWord's problem? The last one looks to me as if it probably
> is, but the first two may not be. I don't see the same effects in gedit,
> but I'm not sure whether that proves anything.

Well I guess that it is a combination of abi and gnome-print's fault
actually. I suspect that somehow the mapping between abi's font's and the
gnome-print fonts are not going correctly. Regarding the weirdness of
transperent text, I suspect that the print context DGP_PAPER is not being
set. I will investigate this too.

I'll keep digging into gnome-print because it is really nice to have
print-preview and pdf generation if it can be made to work.



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