Subject: Printing
From: David Chart (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 16:10:06 CDT

I finally got printing working on my Linux box, but it is behaving oddly.

First, if I print abi/test/wp/Latin1.abw, it only prints one page, on which
part of the second page is visible. Imagine that the page is transparent
where there are no characters (at the end of lines and between them); those
are the bits of the second page I can see.

If I print a three page document, I get all three pages, but the third page
shows through those places that are transparent on the first and second. On
a two page document (not Latin1.abw), print preview showed bits showing
through, but print didn't, and neither did print preview thereafter.

Finally, after printing Latin1.abw, Abi defaults to print to file, and
resetting that to the printer and printing results in nothing at all

So, are these AbiWord's problem? The last one looks to me as if it probably
is, but the first two may not be. I don't see the same effects in gedit,
but I'm not sure whether that proves anything.

David Chart

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