Re: Latest Updated TODO Before the release

Subject: Re: Latest Updated TODO Before the release
From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 07:29:57 CDT

Martin Sevior wrote:
> > > 9) GnomeFonts (Dom)
> > > - Possibly do this
> >
> > We really need this to make printing work under gnome.
> OK we won't use GnomeFonts for 0.90 but we've made great prpgress on
> getting WYSIWYG printing. The only thing we need to do to make text
> printing work under gnome-print is to work out what encoding gnome-print
> actually wants to print Symbol and Dingbat fonts. This information should
> be extracted from Chema and Lauris. Did you manage to make contact with
> them Dom?

My understanding is that both are based on the standard western
encodings but the glyphs have the symbols in place of many letters.
I've attached unicode mapping files so somebody can use these to make
code to use a unicode font when the symbol and dingbat fonts are not



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