Re: commit: List labels are UT_UCSChar's now.

Subject: Re: commit: List labels are UT_UCSChar's now.
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 02:33:13 CST

> Back when I was working on remapGlyphs, and just before I realized I
> was out of my depth on Unicode (and fonts in general), I found out
> that the GTK approach is to use "fontsets". Fontsets are, I think,
> virtual fonts composed of actual fonts mapped into various parts of
> the 16-bit character space. My guess is that this wasn't particularly
> intended to solve the general Unicode font situation, but was intended
> to let you have a common base font which could be combined with a
> locale-specific font.

> So, I think GTK probably has a mechanism for displaying glyphs of
> common interest without needing a complete Unicode font. I don't know
> what this means for PS printing, though.

I had a look at the fontsets too when implementing the utf-8
support, and it would require a major rewrite of our drawing code.
How we would handle PS printing with fontset I am not entirely
sure, since the whole fontset appears to the application as a single
font, but there will be a way. However, I have got a feeling that the
font set approach is somewhat anachronistic and within few years,
once utf-8 will become a standard replacing the current locales, it
will be a thing of the past (its making do with fonts you have
instead of fonts you should have ...).


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