Re: Backend changes ready for commit - please test it!

Subject: Re: Backend changes ready for commit - please test it!
From: Jesper Skov (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 09:45:05 CST

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Sevior <> writes:

Martin> Well let me practise my estimation skills to guess the
Martin> overhead on a return conditional on a boolean member variable.
Martin> I think

My point, and it still stands after your little math job, is that
doing _anything_ for 99.9999% of the lines to handle a little quirk
needed for the odd 3-line footer in every 10th document is a hack
whichever way you try to defend it :)

I'm no C++ expert (as will be apparent shortly), but I believe we can
do something like:

class fp_LineHdrFtr : fl_Line {

 void draw(GR_Graphics* pG);

        : fp_Line()

        : ~fp_Line()

void fp_LineHdrFtr::draw(GR_Graphics* pG)
 // do nothing since drawing is handled elsewhere

May have to throw in a virtual for draw in both this and the fp_Line

Of course, if things don't work like that, your solution is required.


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