[Release] 0.7.13 is ready to go

Subject: [Release] 0.7.13 is ready to go
From: Sam TH (sam@uchicago.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 03:24:12 CST

Tinderbox is all green, the tree is branched, and everyone can start
making binaries. The tag is release-version-0-7-13

We're going to do this much more quickly than 0.7.12. This means that

1) We aren't going to restart the build process in the middle, like
last time (because we already found all the bugs :-).

2) We aren't going to wait for AIX etc, to provide binaries. The
following builds are must have's for the release:

A Linux/i386
B Linux/PPC
C BeOS/i386
D Win32/i386
E FreeBSD/i386
F QNX/i386
G Linux/i386/GNOME

These correspond to what we have in tinderbox currently. I expect to
be able to have these binaries within 24 hours, and tested hopefully
within 48. At that point, we announce to the world.

Other builds that want to, can provide binaries later.

I can A,B,C,F,G on my own. I can't build RPMs, but Dom should be able
to take care of that. So, I need volunteers for the following:

QNX (Thomas, I assume).
Win32 (Tom, can you do this?)
Win32 source zips. Anyone with a Windows box.

Thanks, and happy release
        sam th
        GnuPG Key:

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