Re: building on windows very very odd

Subject: Re: building on windows very very odd
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 20:31:45 CST

horkana wrote:
> From the Build.txt of Abiword 0.7.11
> > You also need Visual C++ 5.0. Obviously, we don't use the IDE at all,
> > but we do use the compiler, headers, libraries, and so on. You'll
> > need them all to be in your PATH, since the Makefiles will expect them
> > to be readily available.
> It seems really weird to me that to build an open source project i have
> to buy an expensive proprietary IDE from Mircosoft
> Is this still true?

Regarding makefiles, yes. Otherwise, probably not. Does cygwin, Borand 5.5
or any other compiler have a resource compiler that can handle our .rc

AFAIK the _only_ things we need is the Win32 SDK (which AFAIK you can get
from without charge), a reasonable C++ compiler, a linker and
a Win32 resource compiler dealing with our win32 resource files. This
implies that any compiler fulfilling these requirements can be used. My
(out-of-the-blue) guess is that mingw could do it.

OK, we can't simply "do" it, since we're apparently depending on *nix type
file paths, why we need a *nix emulation environment like cygwin.

I might add that since we are using the COOLBAR, you *have* to have
installed a somewhat recent version of Internet Explorer to even use AbiWord
(I didn't do it). This rules out "plain" Win95.

> how hard would it be to change this?

Probably quite easy.



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