Re: Rant (Was Re: printing in gnome port)

Subject: Re: Rant (Was Re: printing in gnome port)
From: Jeffry Smith (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 15:39:09 CST

Dom said:

> This is changing with the next release of gnome-print AFAIK. We don't
> support TTF printing (Tomas' new addition) because (I'll say this once more)
> we stupidly ship our own fonts. This whole discussion about adding a
> gui/dialog to add TTFs and new fonts would be mute if someone fixed this.
> Someone write a better PS driver so we can:
> 1) Use whatever fonts are available to us
> 2) Not ship our own fonts (and thus increates our robustness and decrese our
> size)
> If only I could convince everyone that they were trying to fix the problem
> from the wrong end and that our handling of fonts just plain sucks! How
> about I suggest that no one use the GTK+ version since they can't run it
> over an X connection to another box? Or what about the 100s of duplicate
> bugs in's bugzilla relating to people having problems getting us
> to run out of the box because of our font problem? What about XFree86 v4.x
> users like me who have to manually modify their config files and restart xfs
> and X to get AbiWord to "just work"? What about all of the problems that
> other apps encounter because if we're running and they are too, they use our
> crappy fonts first and their display ends up looking like crap (Kwrite
> anyone?)? I could go on for hours but I think that my fingers would hurt and
> I need them to code...

I agree that AW should use the fonts available. However, one correction. You
can run AW over to another box, but it's a PITA. What I did was copy the
fonts to a directory on the second machine under /usr/share/fonts (Called
AbiWord - capitalization is important due to the standard abiword script), and
edit my xfs-xtt config to include that directory. Now, the script sees the
Abi in the font path, and thinks everything is OK.

However, as Dom says, this would all be moot if AW would just use what fonts
are installed, instead of trying to recreate the whole display arena. I know
Mac and Windows both have fonts installed normally, as well as anyone running
X, and I suspect the other platforms do as well.


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