Re: duplicated menu entry

Subject: Re: duplicated menu entry
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 10:06:20 CST

>After yesterday's redesign, there are two menu entries for "Page Setup":
>in File, and "Format" menus.

For consistency with MSWord and also (IIRC, that is) Corel's WP8, there is a
"File->Page Setup" and a "Format->Document" which do almost exactly the same
thing. I just inserted this for consistency with these other WPs. If people
want, I can take it out. It's not hurting anyone to leave it in either. No

>Also, why "Print preview" is under View menu, and not File? It's not bad
>idea, just in other apps it is there... Once I found it, is is OK now.

There is no "Print Preview" under the View menu last I checked. Only the
Gnome build has a Print-Preview menu item, and that is under the "File" menu
right above "Print." Perhaps you are referring to the "Full Screen" thing
that I added the other day? On second thought, it does look a lot like a
Print-Preview window (except that it's editable and has too many menus)...

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