Re: does expat/libtool combo work on Win32?

Subject: Re: does expat/libtool combo work on Win32?
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 12:37:53 CST

At 09:49 PM 2/11/01 -0600, Sam TH wrote:
>On Sun, Feb 11, 2001 at 06:15:47PM -0800, Paul Rohr wrote:
>> Sam et al,
>> 1. make realclean doesn't
>That's really weird. From my output, it goes to zlib and libpng
>before anything else.

IIRC, I added a platform-specific patch last June to map realclean to the
appropriate "unconfigure" targets in various makefiles for peer modules:

Do I still need to dive down and trigger that manually, or does that
mechanism need to be hooked up for the expat dependency?

>> 2. libtool may not exist -- where do I get it?
>The libtool shell script is generated by configure. You don't need to
>get anything. Try running ./configure in the expat directory, and see
>if it creates a file called libtool.

Oh. The prior abi makefiles had dependencies to run ./configure for
supported peer modules as needed, so I wasn't expecting to have to do this

The current process for building abi is to download all the required
modules, type make in the abi directory, and everything Just Builds. That's
admirably simple, and I'd expected something similarly easy for any autoconf

Are you expecting that people will have to manually run configure in each of
the required modules? Ick.

>> 3. the filename doesn't get passed to the compiler
>That seems to be a problem with the seeming newline in the command
>line. Try fixing the libtool problem and see if it goes away.

Nope. Manually running configure did create a libtool script, but that just
created more problems. I'll try upgrading from B19.

>> 4. why is it building an xmlparse.lo target?
>That's what libtool calls the object file. If you don't want to know
>how libtool works, don't worry about it. If you do, ask me, or read

OK, thanks. It just sounded pretty Unix-centric, so I wasn't sure I was
triggering the Win32 variants of the tools.


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