Re: StarOffice import, first thought

Subject: Re: StarOffice import, first thought
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 04:27:37 CST

Vlad Harchev écrit:

> I also think it would be better to wait for XML format of OpenOffice to
> stabialize.
> As for supporting SDW and XML-based formats - I think there was a consensus
> of implementing exporters/importers as dynamically loadable optional modules.
> If this approach is taken, I think it would be wiser to use OpenOffice's code
> for reading at least SDW and don't care about size of the module then (since
> it's optional). I think users prefer huge software that always works than tiny
> software that works most of the time. A ugly quick hack would be to call
> OpenOffice (if it's installed on the user's system) to export SDW or XML-based
> format to RTF, and then use our existing RTF importer to read it in.

No. If I talk about a SDW importer this is because StarOffice currently have
a nice market share on Linux and Solaris that make it worth the effort. If I
talk reimplementing it from scratch, this is because I currently find SO
implementation bloated an feel that porting their code to AbiWord XP sound
not to be easy.

BTW this is not an urgent matter, but I feel that if a nice hacker did this
it would be a great advantage. Taking the wv approach would be a bigger
benefit for the OpenSource community.


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