Re: Mime-types

Subject: Re: Mime-types
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 01:58:18 CST

At 10:37 AM 2/9/01 -0800, WJCarpenter wrote:
>hubert> There are currently no Mac creator, but there will be one. I
>hubert> just need to register it.
>Please do so. It's one of the bits of optional-but-suggested info
>that I can supply during the MIME subtype registration process. (And
>that pretty much exhausts what I know about Mac creators, though I
>guess I also know it's a 4-byte thingy.)

Here's the relevant thread between Hub and I on this topic:

Is there consensus that Hub can go ahead and register something like the
following creator/filetype combinations with Apple?

  ABIW/ABW for AbiWord documents
  ABIW/zABW for compressed AbiWord documents


PS: Some of the XP issues from earlier in that thread still need to be
addressed, but that's a separate discussion.

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