Re: Commit: Mac portability

Subject: Re: Commit: Mac portability
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 00:59:41 CST


I agree with Sam's earlier post -- by all means, do whatever it takes to
scrub the sources to make Abi work with yet another compiler. For the time
being, ifdefs are a fine solution.

However, over the long term, I'd love to not have to maintain
compiler-specific ifdefs for stuff like this unless:

  - it's clear that the compiler is irretrievably broken, and
  - there's no reasonable, valid C/C++ idiom we can use as an XP solution.

Now I'll duck and let the language lawyers on the list have the necessary
technical flamewar defining "broken", "reasonable", and "valid" for this
instance. (Just keep it brief, OK?)

In the meantime, keep on truckin!


At 11:23 PM 2/8/01 +0100, Hubert Figuiere wrote:
>Some portability changes. Should not affect other compilers at all.
>Otherwise, it is an error.
>MrCPP does not like const initializer with variables... #ifdef
>__MRC__ used fot this purpose
>/cvsroot/abi/src/text/fmt/xp/fg_GraphicRaster.cpp,v <--
>new revision: 1.15; previous revision: 1.14
>/cvsroot/abi/src/text/fmt/xp/fg_GraphicVector.cpp,v <--
>new revision: 1.9; previous revision: 1.8
>/cvsroot/abi/src/text/fmt/xp/fl_BlockLayout.cpp,v <-- fl_BlockLayout.cpp
>new revision: 1.246; previous revision: 1.245
>/cvsroot/abi/src/wp/ap/xp/ap_EditMethods.cpp,v <-- ap_EditMethods.cpp
>new revision: 1.274; previous revision: 1.273
>MrCPP does not like delete on <const Object *>
>#ifdef'ed for him
>/cvsroot/abi/src/text/ptbl/xp/fd_Field.cpp,v <-- fd_Field.cpp
>new revision: 1.4; previous revision: 1.3
>/cvsroot/abi/src/text/ptbl/xp/pd_Document.cpp,v <-- pd_Document.cpp
>new revision: 1.90; previous revision: 1.89

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