Re: StarOffice import, first thought

Subject: Re: StarOffice import, first thought
From: James Montgomerie (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 06:56:34 CST

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From: "Hubert Figuiere" <>
Subject: StarOffice import, first thought
> Q: Why not just using the existing code ?
> A: Look at the code dependencies and you'll see that AbiWord may
> double of code size if you add these.
> The problem is that this implementation will require adding OLE as a
> module of AbiWord, not only of wv. It will require also to implement
> the StarOffice metafile, available elsewhere
> (, because it is
> used by graphics.

As the person who hacked libole2 into wv, I thought I should speak up here.
The /correct/ thing to do (to solve the OLE problem, at least) would be to
have both vw and AbiWord use libole2 as a proper library, rather than simply
having it hard-linked into wv. I think that the actual changing of the code
to do this wouldn't be too hard, but the make system would need to change
substantially. AbiWord could, of course, use the its existing procedure of
statically linking libole as a peer module if it wasn't on the system
already, but the wv build systen would need to change to become something
like AbiWord's if it was still to compile properly on all the (many)
platforms it curently supports.

This solution wouldn't bloat AbiWord, and would also mean that we'd be able
to use libole2 from the Abi code (and it might make it easier to upgrade

I don't think the problem is conceptually hard, but I'd be willing to bet
that it wouldn't be as easy to implement as it is to think about.

I'd offer to do it, but (as seems to be a recurring theme with me) I don't
really have the time to devote to it. If it's not done in a few months
time, I'll be able to take a look.


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