Re: Commit: Various Lists UI improvements.

Subject: Re: Commit: Various Lists UI improvements.
From: Mike Nordell (
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 11:12:31 CST

Graham Murray wrote:
> I personally do not like what Word (or most other wordprocessors) call
> outlines.
> It was more of an "ideas" processor than a word
> processor, but this is more what I think outlines should be.

If I remember how those "idea processors" worked, it's almost exactly the
way Word 7(aka 95) works when in "Outline View", i.e. it does display all in
one single view

One source of the confusion might be that (IIRC) in Word97 M$ changed this
so it has a separate "Outline View" to the left, while the document is in
its own view to the right, making them visually disconnected (sort of).


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