Re: Changes to psiconv for Windows

Subject: Re: Changes to psiconv for Windows
From: Frodo Looijaard (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 16:17:34 CST

Thomas Briggs wrote:
> I've finally gotten psiconv building correctly on Windows. I had to make
> a few simple changes to compat/, psiconv/ and ltconfig
> in order to get it to work; unfortunately I don't have a diff handy, but the
> changes are extremely simple and should be easy enough to locate in Abi's
> Bonsai.

I hope you are saying: compat/ and psiconv/ If
not, these changes will get lost next time I run automake :-(
I sent a patch a few minutes ago; can you please check whether it
contains valid definitions for you? If not, can you please send
me your changes, so that I can incorporate them somehow into the
> 1. Can a check be added to determine what the value of the HAVE_STRING_H
> define should be? This define is used in compat/getopt.c, but no check is
> made by configure to determine what its value should be. This define needs
> to be set for Win32 to build correctly. I got around this by simply
> defining it in the CFLAGS passed to configure, but I don't think that that's
> the best way to fix the problem.

I should delete getopt completely. It is not needed for the included
part of the package. I'll create a patch ASAP (sunday probably).
> 2. Is there any way to tell configure to not compile in the compat stuff?
> As far as I can tell none of that stuff is necessary for Windows, but having
> it present makes linking a little uglier. This wasn't hard to work around
> either, but it would be better for the Win32 build if the compat stuff
> wasn't compiled in at all.

It is really needed for some systems. It would be quite hard to not
add it. If libtool handles msvc correctly, it should work automatically;
if not, I either need a branch of libtool that does, or we need
a separate makefile for msvc after all :-(

We'll get there someday...


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