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Subject: Re: ttf printing
From: Vlad Harchev (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 07:24:38 CST

On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Tomas Frydrych wrote:

> > Adobe's way of handling fonts with more than 255 glyphs is CID keyed
> > font. It basically packages PS1 glyph in a different way. You just
> > need to load some PS initial files to use CID keyed fonts in PS level2
> > printer (I think).
> My problem with the PS fonts that contain more than 255
> characters is that the XFree font server does not seem to be aware
> of the characters > 255, so I cannot actually display them on the
> screen; we could print them using their names, as Vlad found out,
> but that seems somewhat academic if we cannot display them.
> If I am wrong about this, and you know how to register such a PS
> font with the XFree server so that it would appear to it as a Unicode
> font, please let me know (try xlsfont -ll -fn 'fontname', if in the
> output it says min_byte1 = 0 and max_byte1 = 0, then the font will
> be treated by XFree as an 8-bit-only font.)

  I have a suspicion that by using different XLFDs with same font name but
different encoding field it will be possible to get all characters from font
displayed (probably by using XFont with the encoding field in xlfd that has
the character being drawn in it). May be creating a fontset from XLFDs with
the same font name and different encoding field will work and will allow not
to switch XFont when drawing each character, and will allow to utilize all
glyphs in given font?
  I think these questions should better be asked to XFree team.

  Another option I think worth considering is to inspect what gtk-2.0 uses (it
uses Pango - and what mechanism pango uses?). I saw a screenshots of pango
showing a lot of various languages in one text widget. Have anybody tried
gtk-2.0 betas? May be these quesions should be asked to If this problem is solved, may be we should wait for
gtk-2.0 and don't bother with utf8 input and drawing and concentrate on

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