Re: Commit: Various Lists UI improvements.

Subject: Re: Commit: Various Lists UI improvements.
From: Leonard Rosenthol (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 11:55:19 CST

At 7:34 AM -0500 2/1/01, Randy Kramer wrote:
>I'm not exactly sure why they distinguish an outline from a list, I'm
>not even absolutely sure they do (it's been about a year since I used
>Word on a daily basis).

        And Word's model for outlines may NOT be the one that we want
to take - in fact, I would suggest that it is NOT the way we want to

        Word's idea of an outline is more of an alternative view of a
document, rather than a section of a document that can be
edited/viewing in an outline (hierarchical list) structure. Both
have their place, but they are VERY different. The latter, which Abi
does, is IMO, more useful.

>1. Collapsing an outline starts with making text or headings below a
>given level invisible. Expanding it makes them visible again. The
>ability to copy a heading with it's associated text and subheadings or
>without it requires that the document recognize (or be able to
>recognize) which text and sub-headings should be associated with a
>higher level heading.



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