Re: New Mac build system

Subject: Re: New Mac build system
From: Sam TH (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 11:31:40 CST

On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 06:27:21PM +0100, Hubert Figuiere wrote:
> At 1:58 +0100 2/02/01, Mike Nordell wrote:
> >Hubert Figuiere wrote:
> >> If I commit this, this will add a Makefile.mpw in each mac and xp
> >> directories, a and in src/config,
> >> and a mpw-build in the root directory.
> >
> >Would it be possible to do it the way it was done for MSVC; a new module
> >containing all the "special" makefiles?
> No.
> Because:
> 1/ this is part of the Mac port and it is not heavy... simple
> Makefile, but for MPW (ie different syntax, but somewhat similar)
> 2/ there is a Makefile.mpw in each directory to be build for the Mac
> port. So I can't make it a different module.
> The bottom Line:
> I will commit it to the main source tree, and I will provide a patch
> for the other modules to be integrated in their main source tree).

Go ahead and commit to all the modules you need to. It's too bad,
though, that we have to change the lib[png, z, iconv] which we haven't
changed before (AFAIK).
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