Getting Pspell to Work Under Solaris

Subject: Getting Pspell to Work Under Solaris
From: Kevin Atkinson (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 00:44:08 CST

Pspell will work right under Solaris with gcc providing that the C++
libraries were compiled as shared libraries. Unfortunately, because the
default gcc installation does not enable the building of shared libraries
by default, trying to build a shared library will fail. Pspell .11 would
compile as a shared library under Solaris, however the C++ libraries were
not linked in which meant it would not work right when a module is
dynamically loaded in. In Pspell .12 I switched to the
multi-library-branch of libtool which meant that a shared library would
not compile at all if the C++ libraries where not available as shared
libraries or at very least the static library was compiled as PIC code
which is highly unlikely.

However, thanks to a tip from the libtool mailing list, I was able to get
Pspell fully functional under Solaris with the statically compile shared
C++ libraries. The trick is to set the environmental variable LDFLAGS to
"-mimpure-text" before running configure in both Pspell and Aspell. This
will force the linker to accept the non-pic code into the shared library.
The next version of Pspell should do this automatically.

Kevin Atkinson
kevina at users sourceforge net

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