Re: PATCH request: edit headers

Subject: Re: PATCH request: edit headers
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Mon Dec 31 2001 - 07:16:21 CST

According to Martin Sevior <>:
> Aha! I get it now. The buttons should be grey and the format menu items
> should be turned off in Normal Mode.
> OK.
> BTW the whole concept of "Modes" is counter-intuitive for normal users. I
> can live with a minimal "Normal Mode" to gives users more screen
> real estate though.

MacWrite had an interesting behaviour that was grafted by MSFT before they
even did the page view in Word 4 (Mac), which was not the default until Word
6. Both (MacWrite and Word 3) were usign a "Normal Mode"-like view which was
not showing a page but a continuous flow of text with the correct width and
the page break shown.

Editing Footer and or Header displayed a new window (say frame) with their
respective content. I think that this is what AbiWord should do in Normal
mode view.


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