Re: PATCH request: edit headers

Subject: Re: PATCH request: edit headers
From: Bryce Nesbitt (
Date: Sat Dec 29 2001 - 20:39:53 CST

Piotr Banski wrote:
> Martin,
> On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, Martin Sevior wrote:
> ...
> > Your patch looks a little strange to me. I'm not sure why m_pViewMode ==
> > VIEW_NORMAL should make the header/footer buttons turn grey. I
> > think these should ONLY ever be grey if someone is currently
> > editting the same header/footer as the button.
> This is one way out of the problem described in bug #2335. Another would
> be to perform a switch to the print layout if someone presses the button.
> The normal layout and editing headers/footers just don't get along.


Someone already concluded that and fixed the menus.
The toolbar never got the matching fix (before this patch).
The keyboard shortcuts ALSO need a matching patch.

There may be more such bugs lurking! Bold/Italic/Underline have a similar
mismatch, and I'll bet there are more as yet undiscovered by users.

Of course, it's fun tourturing AbiWord by executing ghosted commands using keyboard
shortcuts, so maybe that's a feature :-).


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