Re: Opening unknown documents

Subject: Re: Opening unknown documents
From: Patrick Lam (
Date: Sat Dec 29 2001 - 14:22:15 CST

On 29 Dec 2001, Scott wrote:

> I am filing this as an enhancement, but I wanted to put this idea out in
> the open and see if it flies.
> I am trying to use Abiword to hand edit HTML and it always comes up as a
> bogus document. So I was wondering: could Abi instead of just declaring
> an unknown document as a bogus document, offer to open the document, or
> even better just open the document as text? There are all kinds of
> manually editable documents including Window's .ini, Enlightenment's
> .menu, Abi's own .Profile, and many others that don't show up in the
> list. If the file isn't in the list, then just open it as is.

The problem is most likely that HTML triggers AbiWord's import sniffer, so
that the import sniffer starts reading the file and then chokes. If you
want it to open as plain text (which would not be a bug), then the AbiWord
import sniffer needs to be more selective in the files it chooses to


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