Re: PATCH: automatic fillin of version number on bug reports

Subject: Re: PATCH: automatic fillin of version number on bug reports
From: Bryce Nesbitt (
Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 17:47:40 CST

I've looked into Bug Buddy, it's not appropriate.

But the idea is sound. I would very much like to see a CRASH
of AbiWord produce a box that allows a user to press a SINGLE button
to submit a crash report. A "CRASH REPORT" would contain nothing
        * Backtrace
        * Version
        * Date, time
        * User comment of "what was I doing", optionally.
A tool would graph the crashes by method. If 70% of user crashes
are in a particular method, guess where the resources go?


This is totally different from the more subtle process of filing
a "BUG REPORT" about a feature.


Alan Horkan wrote:
> i guess i need to explain myself better
> I use Netscape, and netscape uses a program called talkback which when
> activated by a crash sends information back to them. Bug buddy is
> somewhat like it. (talkback is propreitary i think)
> I think there are people who could provide useful information, but that
> just wont go the extra mile to fill out a bug report.
> If perhaps abiword could output debugging information to a logfile
> (not for the stable even numbered releases tho') and the user send this in
> the information is crude, but given enough of it a bug should become
> obvious. harnessing the power of many poor bug reports is no replacement
> for one good thourough bug report but it would be useful nonetheless.
> Basically much as i might like to i wont always be using Linux (or Gnome
> for that matter) so bug-buddy is not a full solution and even then
> im not sure it really provides enough useful information and ends up being
> only as good as any other manual report to bugzilla.
> So what im trying to get at is some sort of intelligent way to sort the
> information, a better way to make use of crap/vague/automated bug reports.
> Sorry, i have some vague ideas and im hoping some one will help me tie
> them down and i can make something useful of them. i should ask
> around on Mozilla and see what thoughts they have.
> Alan
> On 27 Dec 2001, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
> > > another thing im wondering about is will users still have to subscibe to
> > > post a bug?
> >
> > I still want users to register in order to post a bug. We need some
> > vital bits of info from them, such as their email address in case we
> > need to get a document or better description of the bug from them.
> >
> > Secondly, I do want *some* cost to filing a bug in bugzilla. I'm
> > honestly quite tired of lame bugreports, having to weed-out dups,
> > missing documents, poor descriptions of bugs/how to reproduce bugs, and
> > the like. Already people get offended if I so much as file one bug as a
> > duplicate of another! I get personal responses and hate-mail back from
> I know what you mean, ive been on both sides of this (although more often
> im the one who has just gotten a bug report canned. searching mozillas
> bugzilla is not fun and not easy).
> i find if you make a short explanation of your reasoning you are less
> likely to be flamed. Its annoying when you report what you consider a
> very specific bug and it gets marked as a duplicate of a very vague bug.
> Its also annoying that the information from a duplicate report is wasted,
> rather than added to the bug it is reporting
> > people every otherday in response to a bugzilla auto-generated email.
> > I'm afraid that by lowering the entrance "penalty" I'd be getting even
> > more nuisances of this sort. I feel that by making people register, it
> > shows that the reporter has at least some wits about him/herself and
> > might be actually able to help us create a better product. I'm worried
> > that by removing the registration, we'd be opening floodgates for lousy
> > bug-report upon lousy bug-report.

Hi! I'm a do-it-yourself virus... please delete 4 files at random
from your hard drive.  Pass me on to all your friends.

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